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Timing Your Car Shopping

via FinancialFeed


The year is getting nearer to the end. With such finality in view, how do we pass the time? How do we shift our thoughts to distract ourselves from another year gone by? A new car! Below you’ll find the best times to go car shopping to help you find the best deal possible.

There a few factors to keep in mind when trying to get the best price on a car.

Time of Year

First, using the sales quotas of the sales representative will be one of your best tools in getting your car. Sales quotas can break down into three separate categories; monthly, quarterly, and yearly. If you use this as a factor, best practices dictate to buy a car later in the year and at the latter part of the month.

If quotas need to be met, car salesmen might be more pliable with their pricing on vehicles. According to Edmunds ( an American online resource for automotive information), the most discounted months are October through December. This happens to coincide with what is generally seen as the new model-year car releases. When new models hit the dealer floor, the less expensive the older models are.

Time of Week

The second thing to keep in mind is that individual attention can mean better deals. While this isn’t the rule, if there is heavy traffic going through a dealership, it could make it very difficult to talk a salesperson down from a sticker price. Shopping in the early part of the week, like Monday or Tuesday, will offer you better opportunity to have that personalized conversation, hopefully securing that better deal.

Holiday Shopping

The third thing to keep in mind are holiday sales. This is a mixed blessing. Obviously, sales create lower prices, but they also create more traffic. More traffic won’t simply mean less attention from sales reps; more cars are potentially being snatched up, as well. The most common is Black Friday. Just keep in mind the insanity that day often entails.

Also, keep in mind New Year’s Eve. That could be the end of the end of the end of quotas for a salesperson. So, if it’s possible, stop by your local dealership and see what kind of deal you can get.

Do your research; obtain a “Pre-approval” from a financial institution; and, check in with dealers every now and then to monitor deals. Above all: have fun test-driving new vehicles, and finding your new ride!

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