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Reduce Your Expenses

Reduce Your Expenses

Excerpts from Living within Your Means, available in the Savings & Debt section of your NEW Financial Fitness program.

Expenses on utilities make up a big part of household budgets. Here are some ways to cut back on utility expenses to free up money for other things.

Bundle your services for cable TV, Internet, and phone.

Combining these services allows you the convenience of one bill and a lower combined rate. Bundling can save as much as several hundred dollars per year.

Negotiate to keep teaser rates.

Utility companies offer a lower rate to get you to sign on, but at the end of the initial period, your rate goes up. Call your company and ask them to extend the initial teaser rate. You can also sign up with another company, at their teaser rate, and continue to save as much as $350 each year.

Reconsider your phone services.

Do you need your landline? And once you get into the higher-end cell phones, you may be required to purchase a data plan. If you don’t really need these services (or if you can get them elsewhere, like on a tablet), however, downgrade to a cell phone with only calling and texting, and save yourself up to $100 each month.

An Internet search for phrases like “save money on utilities” will reveal dozens and dozens of ideas that can shave dollars off your monthly utility bills.

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