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Derek & Abbie,

I wanted to thank you both so much for taking such amazing care of me last week.

When I set out to purchase a new car, I never thought about getting pre-approved for an auto loan. Thank you so much for making this suggestion!  This allowed me to stay in control & be in the drivers seat the entire time when it came down to negotiations, as a cash buyer!

The pre-approval process was SO fast & easy!  I was approved the same day that I first visited Cardinal Credit Union & was able to start shopping right away!

Thank you for making everything so easy & always putting your members first.  I am now a NEW happy & excited member of Cardinal Credit Union!  I can’t wait to see what you can do with my mortgage next!  You have earned more of my business because how excellent & educated the two of you are in your field.

You two really put the small banking feel back into my life, that I had missed.  Most larger institutions push you to online channels, ATM & virtual chats.  I personally love walking into the brick & mortar to have a personalized experience like the one, the two of you provided!  I can’t say enough great things about the two of you!  From welcoming me, talking to my car salesman, to protecting my Financial future – to walking me up to the teller line helping me make my first deposit & introducing me to the staff!  It was such a great feeling & I can’t wait to share this with my friends & family!

You two definitely deserve a raise!

Thank you again for taking care of me & allowing me to have this new ride for the holiday weekend!

Happy Fourth of July weekend to you both!


Nicholas P.


(A Cardinal Credit Union Member for life)

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