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Partnering for Financial Education

Christine Blake at Lake Catholic in front of Leaderboards

Christine Blake, President/CEO

Cardinal Credit Union has been a part of the Mentor community for more than half a century – and for nearly a decade, they’ve been supporting the financial literacy of Lake Catholic students. Now, Cardinal is adding to their partnership with Lake, underwriting the purchase and installation of unique educational display boards, located in the school’s main hallway.

The boards feature a complete listing of the grade school alma maters of current students as well as the colleges Lake Catholic’s most recent graduates will be attending. The idea for the boards started with Mark Crowley, and Cardinal Credit Union CEO and 1986 Lake Catholic graduate Christine Blake (née DeGennaro) embraced the concept immediately.

“When young students are looking at schools, they like to get a sense of where everyone is from. They want to better understand the community that they are joining, and these boards help communicate that,” Blake said in an interview with The Paw. “They’re perfect for current students too – they can see what their path looks like today, tomorrow and beyond.”

Community is a big part of Blake’s memories at Lake, and why she still counts many of her fellow graduates as close friends – even 30+ years later. “The person I am today is a direct result of the faith-based education I received at Lake.”

Lake Catholic’s relationship with Cardinal Credit Union started in 2011 with the installation of the mini-branch in the atrium. Today, Cardinal provides information and resources for the school’s financial literacy curriculum, helping students understand more about budgeting, using available financial tools and technologies, and how to prevent fraud.

“As a local member of the community, it’s our goal to help students plan for the future and understand more about their financial health and wellbeing,” notes Blake.

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